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  • Agora is a market and entertainment hub complete with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, food stalls, fruit, vegetable, meat and fish markets along with entertainment areas.

  • Agora is in the centre of the old town at the end of Saripolou street. You can find directions here.

  • The team behind the vision is the Prosperity Group, a real estate investment and development firm established in the UK in 2006. The company was trusted to restore the Limassol Municipal Market due to its experience and and high profile real estate development projects within the UK, Croatia, Cyprus and Israel.

  • Agora is restoring Limassol’s Historic Municipal Market which has more than a hundred years of history. We are keeping the authentic purpose of Agora as Limassol’s market for fresh produce and adding a modern twist that fits the bustling life of the old town.

  • Agora is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The market is a great spot for food lovers to find fresh food, students can use the spaces to study, teenagers can use Agora as a meeting spot, parents can visit agora to enjoy a meal while their children enjoy the playground. In addition, we will offer the only true market in Limassol. In addition, Agora will be a major attraction for tourists who will find the old charm of the city inside the walls of Limassol’s Municipal Market while they can eat and shop in the modern atmosphere of Agora.

  • Agora is expected to open its doors during the end of 2019.


  • Simply apply here.

  • Yes. Please apply here.

  • Beside the shell unit, every vendor space is provided with access to the following:
    Running water
    Extractor ventilation (restaurants only)
    Telephone/internet line
    Individual Gates (shops only)

    In addition, vendor spaces will gain free access to agora benefits such as:
    Building security

  • All vendor in Agora will benefit from being a part of Limassol’s newest and most exciting attraction. All vendors will gain exposure through Agora’s marketing, events, exhibitions, live acts and more.

  • Agora offers different rental spaces. Check the map here.

  • Agora will offer a large fruit, vegetable, meat and fish market. Please apply to become a vendor.

  • Yes. We are looking to include a variety of shops like arts and crafts, packaged food products and more. Apply to become a vendor and we will discuss your idea.


  • Agora will offer a large number of eateries, coffee shops and bars along with a traditional market. Check out the Food & Drinks spots and the Market.

  • The official opening hours are 9:00 to 20:00. Some parts of Agora will remain open until later. The exact hours will be available on the website, closer to the opening.

  • Details and directions will be revealed closer to opening.

  • Of course. Agora is a project for the entire family and for people of all ages. In addition, we will build a kids park so parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while their little ones have fun.

  • Of course, we have created a large seating area with spaces near electricity plugs so you never have to worry about your laptop’s battery running out while you study.

  • We welcome anybody to have their birthday, get-together or any party at Agora. Learn more. More details will be revealed closer to opening.

  • Yes. We are creating a work space in the upper floor of the building. More details will be revealed as the project develops.